What is YUM Command?

To be brief, yum is an application that helps you manage you managing other applications, eg. install, update, remove, search, etc. You can use the following command to see the manual:

# man yum

But I’m going to introduce this useful application in details:

This application is almost the best application managment program you can find within RHEL and CentOS repositories. This application can assist you within the repository you set for you OS. The complete name of this application is “Yellow dog Update, Modified” and is developed by Duke University in order to improve the Installation of RPMs.

Yum has two special features:

  • Detecting dependencies
  • Easy and clean installation

Using Yum is so simple, in the command-line, you should type as the following:


which the [ACTION] should be replaced with phrases such as install, search, remove, etc. This command accepts wildcards such as *

For example:

  1. This will install apache and it’s dependencies
    # yum install httpd
  2. This will remove (uninstall) apache
    # yum remove httpd
  3. This will update apache package
    # yum update httpd
  4. This will search the repository for the package named httpd
    # yum search httpd
  5. This will retrieve the apache package information
    # yum info httpd
  6. This will list packages containing a certain term (eg. httpd)
    # yum list httpd
  7. This will find which package provides particular file
    # yum whatprovides httpd.conf
You can use “-y” to confirm all yes/no questions and force yum not to show the questions. For example you can install apache be the following command without any interruption:
# yum -y install httpd
Yum uses a configuration file and you can simply config this file by the following command:
# nano /etc/yum.conf
Remember this fact that if you don’t type package name while using yum update , it will update all packages in your server and some applications may stop working if you update all installed packages to the latest version. always use the package combination that is the most stable one.


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