Before everything, lets say who am I in IRL:

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Ok, guess that’s enough, let’s talk about !IRL:

I started using Linux in 2004 with Parsix Linux which is a Debian based distribution. After few weeks, I bought a VIP package of Sharif Linux which was the exact literal meaning of failure! Then I started reading texts about Linux and i got fascinated. Within the next few months, I had tested Slax, Fedora, Ubuntu and Open Suse. During this period of distro-surfing, I got introduced to fabulous programs such as Grub, Gnome, KDE and Bash.

After few years floating between different distros, I found a job in an IT company in Feb 2011 in position of System and Network Administrator. That was a great chance for me to test and apply things I have read and thought about. In that job, I used CentOS a lot and my main experience is on this distro, though I have some historical struggle with other distros such as Debian, openSUSE and Arch. In my carrier I used many fancy linux-base OSs, tools and softwares.

Currently I’m working as a Bioinformatics researcher in a biotechnological institute and aside of my research I’m in charge of administration of and providing services for internal use on Ubuntu servers. At home I have Lubuntu and Raspbian for things and projects I do at home.

In this website I’m describing solutions which I found for problems I faced, I don’t want others to waste their time in solving the issues which I have already put some time in. On some of these issues I put hours and hours of searching and testing to get familiar with the concept, and I think everyone have the right to use my findings (under some conditions). I hope everyone enjoy reading these articles and use them for good.

If you feel like contacting me, there are several ways that you can creatively come up with, but the easiest way is to post a comment below my articles.


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