“ubi-partman failed with exit code 10” error during Ubuntu 12.04.* resolution

During installing Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS on an Acer laptop I got the following error:

ubi-partman failed with exit code 10

the error message had three buttons and the “continue” button was letting me proceed the installation progress to select date and other stuff, but before selecting the partition I was stock ! After few hours searching and reading blogs I found a clue but there was no specific solution for it, so I decided to write this article.

The problem occurs when the Ubuntu installer wants to check the HDD (Hard Drive Disk) but it was failing each and every time. The solution I found was in configuring the live disk before loading. Follow the following steps:

1. Start booting the computer with the live disk

Configure your BIOS to boot from the live disk or select the live disk in your boot-loader.


2. Entering the advanced menu

As the CD boots, the user can gain access to the advanced page and its options by pressing any key when the small logo appears at the bottom of your screen:



3. Change to Boot Option

Then at this point you will see the following screen and then you should press F6 :


after pressing F6, you will see a popup that contains “Other Options” and then you should navigate to the “nodmraid” :


Then you should press Enter or Spacebar to select it and you will see an asterisk appears at the left side of “nodmraid”. Any popup menu option enabled when Esc is pressed is retained, so press Esc and proceed installing Ubuntu from the menu.

for more information, check out the Boot Option manual in Ubuntu website:


It may be also a good idea to read some of the comments in below since others wrote their experiences and workarounds about this matter. At this point I should thank them sincerely for sharing these with us.


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  1. For me the solution was to remove/unplug the second hard drive from my system. After the installation, I restored the 2nd drive and everything was fine.

    While there are many “solutions” available on the web, the problem appears to be that partman can’t cope with certain unexpected system disk configurations. Rather than a specific solution, my recommendation to anyone having this problem is that you make the disk configuration of the system as simple as possible.

  2. title=”hello this didn’t work please i need help guys pleasee”>
    hello this didn’t work please i need help guys pleaseei tried this solution but it didn’t work help me please guys please
    Yassine Moulay from Morocco 🙂

    1. What sort of error you are getting??
      On what system you are trying to install Ubuntu?

      give us more info

  3. This solution didn’t work for me. However, setting the “Support USB legacy devices” option in BIOS to DISABLED worked (Pentium M 1600 in Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M) – it also made the enormous lags in the touchpad control disappear.
    P.S.: I managed to install Lubuntu 14.04 that way – after around 15 failed installations with the ubi-partman error code 10.

  4. With Ubuntu 14.04.1 and the latest version of the USB live creator (as of October 2014), the bottom menu does not appear, so no way to choose “F6 Other Option”.

    However, another solution that worked to get the install started was to first select Try Ubuntu, and then click on Install Ubuntu on the desktop icon.

    The partition tool then starts without problems, let you configure the partitions and gets started with the install. (Note you could also play around with GP Partition from the live Ubuntu install before clicking on Install Ubuntu, not sure this is needed though).

    I have a Lenovo E325 Laptop. Now installing, let’s see whether the dual boot thingy works…

  5. Gr8! I almost went back to install slackware ;)! same problem same solution – setting “nodmraid” works on ubuntu 14.04.1 – I do not have cd but usb key made with unetbootin so you need to press tab key on keyboard and add “nodmraid” kernel option.
    If you still have problems, try to clear all other options from kernel after “….. load=casper” and add nodmraid and press enter. in my case it worked only like this. It will load right into ubuntu (without initial try/install choice) but once in ubuntu you’ll be able to install it anyways.

  6. doesn’t work for me with 14.10. I can’t run the live CD (actually USB), the is a message that disks cannot be mounted, I press s to skip and then it’s a black screen… the thing is that I was able to install the 14.04 on a same hardware a few months ago, something changed in between

    1. I haven’t faced it and yet I have no idea what has went wrong there, but please let me know if you got a solution.

  7. So after I got the error message I chose to quit the installer and it brought me to the normal lubuntu desktop with everything seemingly working properly. The installer icon was on the desktop so I decided to go through it again(I was afraid certain parts of the OS could be missing or broken), and that time it gave me the option to format certain drives. So I chose continue and it installed perfectly with no issues. No expert here but I didn’t get anymore error messages after that.

  8. Installing on a Windows 7 Professional Lenovo x220 Thinkpad.
    Adios Microsoft!
    I do NOT want a dual boot system for Windows 7 and Zorin.
    Downloaded Zorin 15 OS Ultimate and installed on a USB
    Used the Zorin install software to check for “issues” with the software on USB and none found
    Used Trial Version of Zorin OS first to see if I liked it
    Trial Version appears to work just fine for all the software tools that I use but, after a reboot, I have to re-install everything.
    Decided to do an Install after using trial
    Was extremely excited during installation
    Got a FATAL bootloader error message and installation was terminated
    Now getting a UBI PARTMAN CRASHED error.
    Lots of proposed “solutions” via the Internet but unsure who is right and what the correct thing to do is at this point so, I decided to come to the “horse’s mouth”!
    I got this far so, I believe that I can finish this up (…before Christmas hopefully?) with some CLEAR instructions to complete the installation
    STILL excited about the prospect of leaving Microsoft completely behind and moving on to Linux!
    Eager to hear back from you!
    Thanks, in advance, for your time and consideration!

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