Terminal Keyboard Shortcut in Fedora

The best friend while using Linux is the terminal and unfortunately in Fedora 16+ (16 and above) they had remove the keyboard shortcut from the default list. In below you will find an easy way to add terminal keyboard shortcut  in your fedora (and other RHEL)

1. First open the Settings 

2. from the menu and then go to keyboard settings :

NixSOS - custom keyboard shortcut 01


3. Then in the Opened window, click on the second tab named Shortcuts

4. From the right menu, select Custom Shortcuts

5. Click on the + sign below the list

NixSOS - custom keyboard shortcut 01

6. In the opened popup, type a custom name for you shortcut and then insert the text below in the command section:

gnome-terminal --profile=Default --geometry=80x24+250+60

7. Click on Apply and close the settings window.

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