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Working with .rar files in Linux

Usually I don’t face .rar files and if I did, there were many online websites that would handle those files for me. But finally i got to this point that I need to take care of these files my self because of security issues and sometimes the size of files (sometimes more than 50MB per file). so I dived into finding the best solution.

There are many Linux based application out there that you can try, some will provide you GUI and some has TUI and some of theme have both. In this article i’m going to introduce the most suitable application I found:

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How to install Plymouth Theme (aka Boot Splash) in Linux.

Many Linux users love the platform due to the customization options available and thus here is one option to customize the appearance of your Linux Box from the very beginning i.e. Boot Screen or Boot Splash, (of course it begins with the GRUB, but we’ll go for customizing that later).

Here are the steps to Install Plymouth Theme to your Linux Machine.


Tip : Make sure your OS is of a version higher than Ubuntu 10.04 or Fedora 10 (should basically support Plymouth, more information link at the bottom)

  • Google or Bing (what ever you prefer) and look for a Plymouth Boot Splash and download a the zip or tarball.
  • For the purpose of learning the process you can use this Ubuntu Sunrise Plymouth. Download from the link provided which just says “ubuntu sunrise” and not the Debian package, because it is better to learn the “Terminal WaY” of doing things rather than relying on .deb or .rpm packages.
  • The file you will download has the name ” 129696-ubuntu-sunrise.tar.gz “.
  • Open terminal and go to the directory where the archive is downloaded and deflate the archive by command :
 tar -xvf 129696-ubuntu-sunrise.tar.gz

Setup MySQL Server on CentOS or RHEL

One of the most common databases is MySQL and the best medium for this database type is Linux. To setup this database, you should follow the following steps in order to install it easily and securely.

These steps contains:

1. Installing MySQL server daemon
2. Installing MySQL module for PHP
3. Starting MySQL daemon
4. Follow security wizard
5. Set MySQL daemon to run at boot

These 5 steps are the most basic things you should do before using your server for business.

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Softwares to Remote Linux Servers

Typically when you had installed the OS on your server, the monitor and input devices like keyboard and mouse are no longer need to attached to the server, so the only way remains to control your server is the remote connection. The most common interface for remote connection among linux users is command line.

There are plenty of softwares you can use to remote your server. I searched web for benchmark, but did not find any, so I’m going to introduce those softwares I know and I’v worked with: Continue reading Softwares to Remote Linux Servers

Where to Find and Download Appropriate Linux Distribution

Due to one of the main features of Unix base operating systems licences, these OSs can be developed and distributed by anyone. So this manner caused many companies and many individuals developed the Linux in order to create a new distribution with special specifications for general or specific usage.

Through various websites within internet, you can find various websites providing information about different distributions and how you can have one, though there are few websites which can be considered as reference and the on I always use is DistroWatch.com. This site provides all the basic information you need for picking up a specific distro to fit your needs. Perhaps you may need an OS for running a webserver, or you might want to have one on your personal computer or laptop for daily usage, or maybe you want to have an individual OS for a firewall.

The only missing feature in this website is the lack of categories, so you can not compare different OSs in the same category.

To sum-up, this is the website I always use as reference and I recommend you to check this website out to see how much this can be useful and it’s free of charge 😉 .