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Installing packages on CentOS / RHEL

Most of the times when you want to setup a server for specific matter, it’s recommended to install the OS in minimal mode and install packages you want individually and configure them one by one. You can choose different ways to install your desired packages:

  • Using YUM command
  • Using RPM command
  • Compiling each package

Each of these ways has it’s positive and negative points. that I’m going to write in brief:

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linux terminal text editors interfaces

Usually when you are remoting your server via SSH or Telnet, you are dealing with command interface and almost every configuration in your server needs a text file be edited, so one of the most useful tools everyone needs for server administration, configuration and maintenance is a text editor that works within command interface.

Base on thegeekstuff.com poll , top 5 best linux text editors are Vim, gEdit, Nano, gVim, Eclipse and Emacs as shown in the chart below:

Image: TheGeekStuff  -  [ Top 5 Linux Text Editors ]

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Setup RHEL 5 or CentOS 5 Linux in Graphical Mode

CentOS is one of the most stable operating systems I have ever worked with. You can easily download it from official mirror sites that provide the disk-image file for free. The list of mirror sites can be found in Distrowatch.com as I described in my earlier post.

After downloading the image file (typically the have .ISO extension), you can burn it on a physical disk or you can create a bootable USB Drive, and boot your system with either of these two ways.

When You boot your System with the bootable media, your will face this welcome page:

Image: Welcome Page

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