Shutdown Fedora 16 With GNOME 3

This seems a bad bad problem, when your first install the “Fedora 16 GNOME 3″ to use it’s fabulous features and when you had fun for a few or more hours and it’s time to shut it down to rest, you will notice that there is no ” Shutdown ” or ” Power Off ” button exists anywhere even if you press the physical power button it will just suspend your computer !!

Well, you have few ways to make that ” Power Off ” apear:

  1. Simple way ( Holding Alt Key )
  2. Intermediate Way ( Install and application )
  3. Advanced Way ( Edit Gnome config )

1. Simple Way ( Holding Alt Key )

This is really simple, just open the menu from the upper right corner of your screen (The one with your name on it) and then find the ” Suspend ” button in the lowest part of that menu, then the only thing left is holding the Alt key and see the magic 😉

Image [ Holding Down ALT Key Will Appear PowerOff Button In The Menu ]

2. Intermediate Way ( Install and application )
install the ‘ gnome-shell-extension-alternative-status-menu ‘ package from the Add/Remove Software tool to make the shutdown option always visible.

You can use the following command to install it too:

sudo yum install gnome-shell-extensions-alternative-status-menu

Then you should refresh the GNOME Shell to finalize the whole process. To do so, you should press ALT + F2 , then enter r , and finally press Enter. Now the Power Off and Hibernate buttons are appeared in the menu right below the Suspend button.

3. Advanced Way ( Edit Gnome config )

In order to get the Power Shutdown selection menu in Fedora 16, you must download dconf-editor with the following command:

sudo yum install dconf-editor

Once this is done, open dconf editor by clicking on the top left cornet of the screen and finding it within the list of applications

Image [ Open The dconf edittor ]

and then navigate to the following path:

  └ Gnome
    └ Setting Daemon
      └ Plugins
        └ Power

and then modify the action on power button to be ” Interactive ” as shown in the image below:

Image [ Change Power Setting to Interactive ]

When you do so, you can simply see a menu when pressing the physical power button of your computer:

Image [ PowerOff Dialogue ]

If you press the ” Power Off ” button, your computer will be shutdown immediately, but if you do nothing, it will take 60 seconds to shutdown.

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