How to open terminal in Mac OS

Q: How can I open terminal in Mac OS?

A: This is a very basic question and a very essential one. The following steps are showing different ways you can do that, so only do one of these ways:

1. Using Spotlight search:

at the top right corner of your screen you can see a “magnifier” icon. By clicking on that a window will show up. Type the application you want (in this case “terminal”) and the Spotlight will give you some suggestions which you can select:

Spotlight terminal search


2. Using Launchpad:

in the left side of the application Dock you can see a “rocket” icon in a silver circle.

Launchpad icon

When you click on that you will see the list of your applications, and in the top-middle, you can see a search box, type “terminal” and you will see the terminal icon:

terminal in launchpad search


There are few other ways to open the terminal, but I’m not going to explain them here. I may add them later if I see the need. 😉

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