How to install Plymouth Theme (aka Boot Splash) in Linux.

Many Linux users love the platform due to the customization options available and thus here is one option to customize the appearance of your Linux Box from the very beginning i.e. Boot Screen or Boot Splash, (of course it begins with the GRUB, but we’ll go for customizing that later).

Here are the steps to Install Plymouth Theme to your Linux Machine.


Tip : Make sure your OS is of a version higher than Ubuntu 10.04 or Fedora 10 (should basically support Plymouth, more information link at the bottom)

  • Google or Bing (what ever you prefer) and look for a Plymouth Boot Splash and download a the zip or tarball.
  • For the purpose of learning the process you can use this Ubuntu Sunrise Plymouth. Download from the link provided which just says “ubuntu sunrise” and not the Debian package, because it is better to learn the “Terminal WaY” of doing things rather than relying on .deb or .rpm packages.
  • The file you will download has the name ” 129696-ubuntu-sunrise.tar.gz “.
  • Open terminal and go to the directory where the archive is downloaded and deflate the archive by command :
 tar -xvf 129696-ubuntu-sunrise.tar.gz

  • Now acquire root privileges with:
 sudo -s
  • Now we need to copy the files of the “ubuntu-sunrise” directory to the plymouth directory:
 cp -R ubuntu-sunrise/  /lib/plymouth/themes/
  • Now we need to install the theme to Plymouth, we do this by:
 update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-sunrise/ubuntu-sunrise.plymouth 100
  • Now enable the theme by typing in:
 update-alternatives --config default.plymouth
  • Select the number corresponding to your choice and hit enter.
  • Now we need the screen to be up and running on boot so we do:
 update-initramfs -u
  • Exit and Restart to see the new Boot splash by doing:
 shutdown -r now

Hope this helped, Come back here for more information.

If you want to avoid these steps just google “Plymouth Manager” it is a tool which does all this for you.

More information on plymouth available here.

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