Have spotlight search in KDE

The first few sentences are just my personal experience, so you can skip it and move on to the next part (Starting the configurations).

Some small complains about Ubuntu 14.04 LTS !

I Started using KDE for my Ubuntu system (since Unity was causing lot’s of system crash and reboots). Everything about KDE is OK and smooth, with 32GB RAM and Intel core i7 vPro 3.4GHz 8MB, and I’m having lots of fun working around and it increases my productivity, but I also missed the spotlight search of my MacBook. also KDE does not have good shortcuts for their plasma system and for example you can not use a windows key on your keyboard to open the application launcher! so I tried to find an easy way not to use mouse for opening my application. So here is a way to have spotlight search in KDE:

Start the configuration

Before everything I should say that I’m not going to install any application or write some weird shell, I’m going to sue the KDE settings in few clicks.
So let’s get to business:

Open the System Settings window and navigate to Global Keyboard Shortcuts:

KDE System Settings

Then from the right column, click on the Global Keyboard Shortcuts (1) an from the dropdown box, select the Run Command Interface(2). The next step is to define your custom key combination for the Run Command (3)row from the list by clicking on it and the rest is obvious. just remember to press the Apply button from bottom right corner after you set the key:

KDE Global Keyboard Shortcuts

So at this point you have defined a keyboard combination for this.

The next step is configuring the visual appearance of the krunner application. To do this, simply press those keys you defined and follow the picture below:

krunner user interface settings

by clicking Apply and OK, should close the krunner and press those key combination again to see the result:

KDE desktop with floating krunner


Hope you using it 😉


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