Find MAC Address of your Mac or Linux

Sometimes when you want to connect your computer to a new network via ethernet cable, network administrators may ask for your ethernet port MAC address (a.k.a physical address). There are several ways to find this address which is basically a number in a specific format and I’m going to explain these ways for all Linux-based operating systems in this post.

The following command:

ifconfig en0 ether

the output will look like this:

ether 00:0D:93:13:51:1A 

and you MAC address will be the number which is in front of “ether” which in the example above is:


The method above give you the MAC address for you main ethernet port. if your computer has more than one ethernet port, then you will have more port and as the result more MACs.

If you want to see all your ports (including wireless, ethernet, etc.) and their info in detail, use the following command:



There are some ways you can do this in GUI (Graphical User Interface) and here i will only describe this for Mac OSX:

Go to System Preferences

Select System Preferences


Select Network

Select Network

From the list on the left, select Ethernet (or any other port you want)

Network Settings

From the lower right corner, click on Advanced button

In the Hardware tab, locate the number next to the MAC Adress. This is your MAC address

Hardware Tab

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