Softwares to Remote Linux Servers

Typically when you had installed the OS on your server, the monitor and input devices like keyboard and mouse are no longer need to attached to the server, so the only way remains to control your server is the remote connection. The most common interface for remote connection among linux users is command line.

There are plenty of softwares you can use to remote your server. I searched web for benchmark, but did not find any, so I’m going to introduce those softwares I know and I’v worked with:

Image: Official PuTTY Logo


PuTTY is a free client program for the SSH, Telnet and Rlogin network protocols. It is so light and you can use it as a portable software on your USB drive. You can store sessions in the Session Management part of the software and you can use them simply by double clicking on it. It has lots of settings but if you want to change some configurations of this software, you’d better to download Themes individuals had created before and had been tested. The following image is the default theme:

Image: PuTTY screenshot

(Some parts were blacked-outed for security issues)

This is the most basic application I’ve ever worked with. but is has a hidden menu. To see the menu, just click on the double computers icon in the upper left corner of the software. You can do various things like opening new sessions, fullscreen view and etc. If you want to exit the fullscreen mode, simply click on the most upper left corner of the screen and that menu will be visible.

It will come handy if you have always PuTTY somewhere in your pocket or somewhere you can easily download it from.

You can download PuTTY from official website.

Image: Official SecureCRT LogoSecureCRT

This is NOT a free software, but it’s so popular. This software can be used on different OSs such as Windows, Mac and even linux. The most powerful feature of this application is the session management part. It can clone sessions, duplicate tabs and etc. You can read the features list here.

Image: SecureCRT Screenshot

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